RT Burns Club

*Federation No. 2085*



The RT Burns Club was officially launched with this website on the 25th January, 2010. We are member 2085 of the Robert Burns World Federation  and with our site on Facebook, number well over 1600 members.

Our mission statement is simple. To promote awareness of the vitality and validity of Robert Burns in the 21st Century, by presenting new information and thoughts on his work and life. In addition to helping spread the word on the importance and lasting legacy of Robert Burns, who has inspired so many.  Our goal is to raise money for charities that reflect the passions of Robert Burns by supporting charities that are appropriate to Robert Burns’s commitment to social equality, the plight of those less fortunate, freedom and the bond between man and nature. 

We are a worldwide Club with RT Burns Ambassadors in the United States and Russia  and we hope to see more Ambassadors added as we grow.

RT Burns Club holds several events each year to fulfill our objective.  In the past some of the charities that we have been honored to donate to include: The Robert Burns Birthplace Museum, Burns Cottage, Breakthrough Breast Cancer Research, Edinburgh, Royal Sick Children’s Hospital, Yorkhill and The Robert Burns Grove, Trees for Life Organization. We are now honoured to  be involved in raising money for The Tay Rail Bridge Disaster Memorial Trust. We also offer items for sale that are unique to RT Burns Club, please check them out.

We have a dedicated team that is working hard to bring global attention to the Burns Corridor and the home of Robert Burns.  We are also devoted to promoting our talented friends and members, an eclectic mix of Burnsians: artists, singers, musicians, performers and writers from around the world, achieve their goals.

We have made many special friends as we learn more about Robert Burns and Scotland and are proud to have brought together many professional and talented people from Scotland and around the world, forming a wonderful Burns Clan all working together, supporting each other, Robert Burns and Scotland.

RT Burns Club is a warm and friendly place to visit, learn what is new and what is happening around Scotland.  We invite you to join us. Let us know how you feel about Robert Burns and how he has influenced you. 

Enjoy your visit and please join us in helping spread Burns works and spirit worldwide.

     'And there's a hand my trusty fiere, And gie's a hand o thine'



                                      Founding President

                                  Rosemarie Rounce-Rigou 


             Chief Executive                               Treasurer

                 Reg Tait                                   Teresa King


                                 Public Relations Officer

                                      Anne Macpherson