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Hello everyone!!!  I have only discovered the job of Burns in recent years as I was born and brought up in England where he simply wasn't included in our curriculum at school ... still, I'm now making up for it!

I'm an avid reader and am rarely without a book on the go - I've recently finished The Phantom's Redemption by Anne Caluwaert and am currently reading the original The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux.

I do enjoy music and particularly love Mike Ogletree's version of a number of Burns' songs and poems.

Here is Christopher Tate and I at the Oran Mor Benefit function in July 2009



You have to begin to lose your memory, if only in bits and pieces, to realise that memory iswhat makes our lives. Our memory is our coherence, our reason, ourfeeling, even our action. Without it, we are nothing.

Luis Buñue

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Lynda, so wonderful to see you here my friend, I love the pic with Chris




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I shall forever support The Legend That is Robert Burns and The Hero That is Sir William Wallace - SCOTLAND THE BRAVE!!  FREEDOM!!!

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Lynda that is a great photo with Chris.


It's coming yet for a' that, That Man to Man, the world o'er, Shall brothers be for a' that.

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