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Forum Home > Latest Honorary Member/Member News > RT interview with our Honorary Member, the romantic Spanish composer and pianist Jose Maria Porto Fayos .

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In this interview we are joined by other Honorary Members , Gari Glaysher, Kevin Walsh and Derek Macpherson.

A Little About Jose:

Bornin Valencia (Spain), at the age of five years Jose emigrated toArgentina with his parents. Living in Rio Cuarto (Cordoba, Argentina)he carried out his studies and his musical formation. Being very youngJose started his activities as a professional musician as well as ingroups as soloist. Referring to his facet as a composer since hisreturn to Spain his repertory has always been strongly influenced byrhythms of such rich and varied cultures adding to it the experienceobtained in different countries of Europe and the USA which contributesthat his musical works cover international melodies as well as nativethemes of the countries mentioned before. At present He goes oncomposing and arranging music for himself and for other artists.




Hi Jose

Thank you for graciously giving us this interview.

How would you best describe your musical style and what are some of your favourite sounds?

Hi Rose

It's my pleasure.

I think that my musical Style is very simple.I love to write pieces which

can be played for young and adult musicians. My favourite sounds are strings and the piano.


Hi jose,

Did you grow up in a household of music? When do you remember first being captivated by it all?

Hi Peigi

My father was a poet and my mother a dancer. My mother was the one who was happy when i wanted to take up the piano.


Hi Jose

At what age did you become interested in wanting to compose music and

as a child what kind of music did you enjoy?

Hi Alexandria

As soon as I was able to read and write music, I became

interested in composing (11 years old). As a child I enjoyed The Beatles

Tom Jones, and any band which had something to be admired.


What is your favourite music to listen to if you are relaxing? For inspiration?


Instrumental music played either by big orchestras or talented pianists.


Apart from being a wonderful composer and pianist you also sing, do you

have any other hidden talents?


I am not very good at painting ,but I do it from time to time.


Hi Jose

What musical influences did you absorb from your upbringing in


Hi Derek

I was influenced by The Tango,The Milonga, and many other Argentinian

Folk Music


Do you have a favourite piano piece, classical or modern?


I enjoy any piano piece if I listen to something really sensitive.


Hi Jose

What place has inspired you the most?

Hi Beth

I think that a composer can be inspired by many places or things. A

beautiful sunset, an old couple holding hands in a park,etc.


Is there a special place or country where you would love to perform?


I have never been to England and that is why I would like to perform



Hi Jose

Is there any particular subject or feeling that inspires your music?

Hi Kevin

I can be inspired by many things.A rainny day, a beautiful landscape, but

many times I wake up hearing a melody in my mind and then I sit at the

piano to hear how it sounds.


I love Flamenco and the exciting, passionate rythms of the Tango,

Rumba, Samba etc, have you written much of this type of music or songs?


Yes I have written all kind of rythms,but only a few of them appear in

my CD's


Are other members of your family Composers or Musicians?


No, But my father was a poet and my mother a dancer.


You wrote a Beautiful song dedicated to your father called 'Guardian de

Estrellas' he must have been very special to you.


My father was a good man, and also a good friend .I learnt many things

from him. He taught me to respect old people and always to try to learn something from them.


Of the old classical composers who do you admire and why?


I admire J.S.Bach when I listen to his romantic pieces.


Which modern day composers do you admire?


I admire Ennio Morricone,John Barry,Jerry Goldsmith,John Williams,etc


What musician has had the greatest influence on your own music and/or your life?


Mr Ennio Morricone because he was one of the soundtrack composers who created a wonderful style.


Is there an instrument you can't play but would like to?


Yes, The Trumpet because many people think that it is only a matter of

blowing. But I think one must be born to play it.


I know it's difficult Jose, but do you have a favourite piece from all of

your work?


No, It is like having many children.They can be different but you love

all of them.


Hi Jose

I have listened to a lot of your music and i know you have many

inspirations from the classical and jazz world. Are you an opera fan and if so, who is your favourite composer/s and artists?

Hi Gari

Yes I am an opera fan.My favourite composer is Verdi and my favourite

artists are Luciano Pavarotti,Gary Glaysher and Kathleen Procter-Moore.


I understand you have written a song for Gari called 'Valencia', the

place where you were born, can you tell us a little about it and have you

written songs or music for your friends before?


The Lyrics speak about a singer who has fallen in love with Valencia, and

sings to her like if she were a woman. Painters,writers etc did the same.


Hi Jose

Is there one musical composer living or dead that has really inspired

you and continues to inspire you and why?

Hi Nicholas

Yes Ennio Morricone and John Barry inspire me because they

created a new style,and made many films famous more because of the soundtracks than for the films themself.


Haveyou composed any music for commercials/TV before and as you are anadmirer of composers of filmtracks, would you like to write the scorefor a film and what type of film would appeal to you?


Yesi have, but international commercial firms have the last word and theyusually choose music which has been a hit, at least for a few weeks.Any kind of film would appeal to me. The film director usually helps

you a lot by giving you an idea about what he would like to have in every part of the score.


You were recently in the Top 10 Australian Indie Easy Listening Charts,

does it still surprise you to know your music is being listened to all over the world?


I felt honoured to know that people enjoy my music so far away.


If you could visit another country that you haven't been to, what one

would that be?


England, because it is a wonderful country with lovely friends.


Do you like Scottish/Celtic music and could you see yourself composing something along these lines?


Yes i like Scottish/Celtic music. A composer must be ready to write any kind of music, of course after

listening for hours to the music of the country which the music is dedicated to.


Do you believe that a musical piece or performance should tell a story

and should truly leave an impression of the audience or listener?


Yes, I do. An instrumental song may be beautiful, but the Lyrics can

leave a wonderful message.


Have you had work personally commissioned before and do you still take



Yes I have. I love composing and I am happy when I have to take new



Do you ever feel challenged to write music that's outside your "comfort

area" For example. I tend to write music that has a "Celtic" influence

but sometimes try to write things that are completely different as a mental

challenge and to stretch myself a little?


You are right. I have always liked to learn as much as I can. Every

country has its own traditional music and many times it is also a challenge for me to write something similar to their music.


You have written lots of wonderful songs and pieces of music, do you

ever run out of inspiration? and do you go through long periods where

you just cannot seem to be able to sit down to write something new, not

even wanting to play your old music and if so, does this worry you?


There are many famous bands and composers who spend more than a year

without writing anything new.But other famous composers do not have the time to have a break.

Finally Jose

Do you have any new compositions on the way for us to enjoy? and what do you wish for your future?


I am trying to compose a nice tango for a wonderful friend. I think that

a composer's future depends on his audience.


Abig thank you to Jose, Gari, Kevin, Derek, Nicholas, Alexandria, Peigiand Beth for taking part and giving us a great interview.

Rose and Alexandria


More Links To Jose And His Music:




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