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I never have a fear of asking a question, I like totell it like it is and prefer to be up front to all. I am not afraid ofrolling up my sleeves and getting my hands dirty, hard work is good forthe body and soul.


I can see myself one day living in theScottish Highlands without running water, phones, TV's and reallyliving and exploring the land of my ancestors.


I am so proud ofmy Grant Clan family roots and so glad my ancestors sailed across therough seas to the New World and were founding members of The Hudson'sBay Company here in Canada.

Every man dies, not every man really lives,

My passion for Robert Burns:)


For over 100 years this wonderful Robert Burns book as been passed downthrough the generations and it passed to me by my Grandfather who toldme before he died, to pass it along to a special person who is kind ofheart and kind of soul, he made me swear to do it as his last dyingwish. He said it has to go to a person who is full of dreams and a soulthat touches others at it travels through life, well to me that isGerard Butler, he has touches so many and continues to touch so many.


MyGreat Great Grandfather had it with him all during the first World Warand he said it kept him sane all through the death and madness of thewar, it has seen many a battlefield all through Europe and he prized itabove even his cigarettes. He read from it as one of his fellowsoliders lay dying on the battle field and held his hand to ease hissuffering, so the book as been many places and has been help near tomany people's heart in my family and it was sent to Gerard Butler fromall of us at RT Burns.


It just seemed the right thing to do and to get us rolling to begin this wonderful Burns Journey together.


Thebook is 177 years old and I have read it many times as a child and heldgreat wonder in my eyes. That began my great passion and love affairfor the works of Robert Burns.



I just love that line from the movie P.S. I Love You with Gerard Butler, it is a super movie and a real MUST SEE.


WellI think it kind of fits who I am as a person and what we at RT BURNS isall about and my aim and goal I hope for all my friends. As you may ormay not know I am a songwriter and a proud member of CARAS (CANADIANACADEMY OF RECORDING ARTS AND SCIENCES) in Canada and I take greatpleasure to help out my friends whenever I can do so. It may be to helppromote a film, a song or really anything that grabs at my heartstrings and gives it a huge tug.


MY BUSINESS IS TOCREATE.........means that I love to bring talented people together andto help share their talents and their gifts with the world. The moreexposure someone has the greater chance that person has of the massesseeing their gifts and talents. Let's face it we all have gifts andtalents to offer the world even if we cannot see them. It may be assimple as opening your heart and lending support to a friend or word ofmouth for a film or a great CD you heard, just telling someone else isdoing your part to spread the word.


Many people think they needa HUGE, HIGH POWER AD AGENCY to get the world to notice them, I reallydo not think so at all. Do you know that there are so many people outthere willing to lend a hand for no $$$$ at all and it has workedwonders. I AM ONE OF THESE PEOPLE.


There's an ancient Chinese proverb that says:

"The gem cannot be polished without friction; nor

man perfected without trials."

I pledge that in 2010 I shall not rest until ROBERT BURNS AND WILLIAM WALLACE get the true recognition they so rightly deserve




Please support this amazing Petition:


I shall forever support The Legend That is Robert Burns and The Hero That is Sir William Wallace - SCOTLAND THE BRAVE!!  FREEDOM!!!

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