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1754-59 James Armour (Jean's father), stonemason works on Dumfries House near Cumnock.

1758. The Reverend James Young (1711-95), 'Jamie Goose' in 'The Kirk's Alarm', was ordained minister of New Cumnock.

1759 Richard Oswald bought the ancient seat of the Cathcarts, Auchincruive Estate near Ayr.

1759 January 25. Robert Burns was born.

1760 September 28. Gilbert Burns was born in Alloway, Ayr, Ayrshire.

1762 September 30. Agnes Burness (sis) was born in Alloway, Ayr, Ayrshire. She married William Galt in 1804 in Dinning, Closeburn, Dumfriesshire. She died 1834.

1764 November 14. Annabella Burness (sis) was born in Alloway, Ayr. Died on 2 March 1832 in Grant's Braes, Haddington, Scotland, at age 67.

1765 February 25. Jean Armour was born in Mauchline (d: 26 March 1834).

1765 November 11 (Martinmas). William Burnes rented Mount Oliphant on Doonholm Estate about three miles from Ayr.

1766 Whitsun William moved in with his family.

1767 July 31. William Burness (bro) was born at Mount Oliphant, Ayr, Ayrshire.

1769 July 12. John Burness (bro) was born at Mount Oliphant, Ayr.

1771 June 27. Isabella Burness (sis) was born at Mount Oliphant, Ayr.

1772 Robert and Gilbert attend Dalrymple School, week about. (Age 13)

1773 RB tutored in English grammar, French and Latin from Murdoch in Ayr (14)

1773 Since Bance Island on the Rice Coast of West Africa, was purchased in 1748 by Grant, Oswald & Co, it had exported over 12,500 slaves.

1774 Jan 19. Rev.Thomas Gillespie founder of the "Presbytery of Relief" died in Dunfermline, Fife. http://www.gillespiechurch.org/history.html

1774 October 31. Gilbert Brown, RB's Maternal Grandfather died Kirkoswald. (Age 15)

1774 Hard times begin at Mount Oliphant.

1774 First song, Handsome Nell (Helen Blair)

1775 April 19. A relatively minor skirmish began the fighting of the American War of Independence (1775-82). (Age 16)

1775 RB studies mathematics with Hugh Rodger at Kirkoswald

1776 Landowner, Dr Fergusson died, his executors pursued William Burness for the overdue rents

1777 (c May 4) Whitsun. Burnes family moved to Lochlie farm in Tarbolton parish. (Age 18)

1777 RB attends dancing classes at Tarbolton "in absolute defiance" of his father's demands.

1778 Kirkoswald. (Age 19)

1779 December 27th. Miss Betsy Robinson? (Date refered to by RB on etched window in 1787)

1780 January 25. Robert's 21st birthday

1780 William Smellie was a founder member of the Society of Antiquities and helped prepare the First Statistical Account of Scotland.

1780 November 11. RB, Gilbert and others (Hugh Reid, Alexander Brown, Thomas Wright, William M'Gavin, Walter Mitchell (and later David Sillar)), formed The Batchelors' Club. http://www.scran.ac.uk/000-000-258-601-CRB

1780 November 14. The Earl of Buchan invited to discuss Society of Antiquities: ♦Allan Maconochie, Esquire ♦William Tytler, Esquire ♦Andrew Crosbie, Esquire ♦Hugo Arnot, Esquire ♦Charles Hay, Esquire ♦Alexander Wight, Esquire ♦Mr William Smellie ♦Mr John Donaldson ♦Mr John Williams ♦Mr James Cummyng ♦Mr William Creech ♦Mr John Balfour ♦Mr Thomas Philips ♦Mr John Syme

1781 Growing, apart from other crops, flax: a promising commodity. (Age 22)

1781 Inducted into St David's Lodge, No. 174 Tarbolton

IRVINE July 1781 till the spring of 1782

1781 Moved to Irvine to learn more about the flax-dressing trade with Mr word banned, a relation of his mother. (cut out the middle man?)

1781 William Burnes' dispute with David MacLure, his landlord began.

1781 Pays court to Elizabeth (Alison Begbie) Gebbie

1781 July 4. Initiated into the Apprentice Degree, in Lodge St. David.

1781 Joined Irvine St. Andrews Lodge No. 149.

1781 October 1. Risen to Fellowcraft (2nd) Degree and Master (3rd) Degree

1781 Required the attentions of a doctor, several times in the space of a week, with a FEVER. (Opium may have been prescribed)

1781 December 27, despairing letter to his father, talks of how he has taken to the bible. Written when Robert was ill.

1781 December 31, Hogmanay. Flax shop at Irvine destroyed by fire.

1782 March? Left Irvine

1782 A grey area from now until April '83. (Age 23)

1782 July 01, Act proscribing the Tartan was lifted.

1782 Anna Goeldi was last person executed as a witch in Europe (Switzerland).

1782 Mr Richard Oswald of Auchincruive was in Paris negotiating with Franklin and the American Commissioners.

1782 September. William Burnes's dispute referred to arbiters.

1782 November 30. Oswald signed the preliminary treaty of peace between Great Britain and the United States.

1783 January. RB wins a £3 prize for flax-seed.

1783 War was not formally ended until the Treaty of Versailles.

1783 Rev. James Stuart Menteth of Barrowby, Lincolnshire, purchased the Closeburn Estate in Dumfriesshire.

1783 Misunderstanding between William Burnes and his new landlord over the terms of the lease at Lochlie, leading to litigation, which might have lead to prison for William.

1783 April. Mrs Elspeth (Lucky) Buchan, nee Simpson, moved from Glasgow to Irvine and joined the Dowhill Relief church at Irvine, soon having a following: Buchanites. Talk of her using the Black Arts to convert folk.

1783 April. RB begins his Commonplace Book: Observations, Hints, Songs, Scraps of Poetry, etc. By Robert Burness; a man who had little art in making money, and still less in keeping it.

1783 May 17. MacLure gets a writ of sequestration against WB of Lochlie.

1783 June 4. Montgolfier brothers flew manned hot air balloon: their first public demonstration.

1783 June 21 - Writes to his cousin James Burness, that his father is in a dying condition.

1783 August 18. Oversman reports in Burnes' Favour.

1783 August 25. WB makes first appeal to Courts of session.

1783 Autumn. Robert & Gilbert secretly arrange to rent Mossgeil.

1784 January. RB wrote "First Epistle To Davie, a Brother Poet", in which he mentions Darling Jean.

1784 January 27. His father fought the case all the way to the Court of Session and was awarded judgment by Robert McQueen, Lord Braxfield, also known as the "Hanging Judge" 1722-1799. (Age 25)

1784 February 13. RB's father, William Burnes died. It had a liberating influence on Robert.

1784 Robert and Gilbert decided to alter the spelling of their surname in March?

1784 April (to March 1787) Buchanites settled on a farm, tenented by a Mr Davidson, at New Cample, near Closeburn, Dumfriesshire (c.2 miles north of Ellisland). Built their own house "Buchan Ha'" before harvest and grew to about fifty members, some of whom were "superior persons".

1784 May Fair morning (1st Tuesday in May). "Witch Wife" Buchan & her Buchanites were ousted from Irvine by officials and townsfolk.

1784. In a letter to a friend in Montrose RB stated that when working as a flax-dresser he was personally aquainted with several persons, who afterwards became zealous Buchanites, one being Jean Gardner.

1784 RB took the lease of Mossgiel farm near Mauchline.

1784 Although he read as much as possible about farming, the first year from through buying bad seed, the second from a late harvest, they lost half their crops.

1784 Much of the poetry which would appear in his 1st edition was composed in this brief period.

1784 Jean Gardner and Andrew Innes passed through Tarbolton on way from Irvine to Closeburn. She was affraid of bumping into RB.

1784 July 7. RB elected Deputy Master of Tarbolton Lodge

1784 August. RB wrote from Mossgeil to his cousin, James Burness, about the Buchanites in Irvine.

1784 A charge of s*xual immorality was brought against the Buchanite sect, the most distinguished witness being RB, said to have had a lover, in the sect, perhaps Jean Gardner.

1784 November 07. Richard Oswald died, leaving a widow but no children. He bequeathed Auchincruive to George Oswald of Scotstoun.

1784 September? RB associated with Elizabeth Paton

1784 December 24. “Friend Mother” Buchan & the “Man Child” White were given refuge (from a local mob) in Closeburn Castle by William Stewart, factor to Rev James Monteith of Closeburn.

1785 April RB meets Jean Armour at a dance. (Age 26)

1785 Initiated his brother Gilbert into Tarbolton Lodge

1785 May 22. His first child was born to Elizabeth Paton, former servant at Lochlie, with whom Burns continued a liaison after the move to Mossgiel. Baptised Elizabeth, she was reared by Robert's mother.

1785. Patrick Miller bought Dalswinton estate in Nithsdale, near Dumfries.

1785 August. In Mauchline, around 200 people took communion after listening to sermons at the Holy Fair. The crowd numbered about 2000, four times the population of the parish).

1785 October 28. John Burness (bro) died in Mossgiel aged 16. He was buried in Mauchline.

1785 October 28. Joined Kilmarnock St. John’s Lodge No. 22 & becomes their Lodge Poet

1785. David Dale started New Lanark, an extensive cotton mill and tenement complex below the Clyde Falls, Made famous by the work of his son-in-law Robert Owen.

1785 Associated with Jean Armour.

1785 Associated with Margaret 'Highland Mary' Campbell.

1785 The privilege of distilling free of duty, was withdrawn from Ferintosh, one of his favourite whiskies.

1786 January. Decided to emigrate to Jamaica, perhaps with Mary. His fare was being paid for by his employer to be. (Age 27)

1786 The first Stanley mill, seven miles north of Perth, was built on the River Tay for cotton spinning. The last commercial operations ended in 1989.

1786 to 1788, Thomas Wedgwood (1771–1805), son of Elijah the abolishonist, attended Edinburgh University.

1786 April 3. Kilmarnock poems sent to press.

1786 April c23. James Arthur repudiates Burns as a son-in-law. RB "repudiates" Jean.

1786 April & half of May a 6 week "fling" with "Highland Mary". 1786 May 14. Farewell (and marriage) to "Highland Mary".

1786 July 22. RB signed over his share of Mossgeil to Gilbert and made him responsible for his illegitimate daughter.

1786 Juy 29. RB presides at Freemasons meeting at Mauchline.

1786 July 30. James Armour took out a writ against Burns who was "forced to flee the parish and go into hiding".

1786 July 31. 1st Edition, Poems, Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect, appeared at Kilmarnock. (612 copies at three shillings netted him about £54.00. He then puchased his Jamaica ticket out of his own pocket. )

1786 July. Wrote to his cousin, James Burness signing Robert Burness.

1786 August 6. Sunday, RB's last penitential appearance at Mauchline kirk

1786 September c.3. RB's 1st postponement of Jamaica voyage.

1786 September 3. Jean Armour gave birth to twins; Robert and Jean. (Christened?)

1786 September c.27. RB''s 2nd postponement of Jamaica voyage.

1786 October 20 or 21. "Highland Mary” Campbell alledgedly died.

1786 November 15. Sent a letter from Mossgeil to Mrs Frances Anna Dunlop of Dunlop saying "..walked half a dozen miles to pay my respects to the Leg Len Wood,...” (Auchincruive Estate near Ayr) in respect to Wallace.

1786 November 28. He Arrived in Edinburgh.

1786 Lord Glencairn introduced Rabbie to William Creech (1745-1815) soon after his arrival.

1786 Early December. Patrick Miller shows an interest in RB's work.

1786 December 13. Writing to John Ballantine, banker, Provost of Ayr, Burns listed the Duchess of Gordon as one of his 'avowed Patrons and Patronesses'. RB was invited several times to dine with her.

1786 December until 1787 April. RB frequented Smellies printing shop, Anchor Close, to edit work.

1787 January 7. In letter to Gavin Hamilton, he was pining for his bonnie Jean. "I don't think I shall ever meet with so delicious an armful again." (Age 28)

1787 January 13. Visited lodge St Andrew (now No. 48). Among other general toasts was 'Caledonia and Caledonia's Bard, Brother Burns,'

1787 January 14. In letter to Ballantine is Patrick Miller's suggestion that RB might lease a farm on his new estate of Dalswinton.

1787 Mid January. Burns very unhappy with Creech's attitude.

1787 February 1. Joined Canongate Kilwinning Lodge No. 2

1787 March 1. Invested as Poet Laureate of the Canongate Lodge

1787 David Dale started Catrine Mills (- 1801). Cotton mills, workers’ housing and school built by David Dale in partnership with Richard Arkwright

1787 April 4. William Smellie. Printed the Second and much larger edition for Creech.

1787. Tours Scotland

1787. Second visit to Edinburgh.

1787 April 17. Issued Second (Edinburgh) Edition, yielding about £1100. At Henry Mackenzies house, Burns and Creech drew up a 'Memorandum of Agreement'

1787 Helped to pay his brother's debts. Concentrated on songs, collecting and mending the ancient ballads of Scotland.

1787 May 4. When leaving Edinburgh, Burns sent Glencairn a letter thanking him for 'all that patronage, that benevolence, and that friendship with which you have honoured me.'

1787 May 6. Begins Border Tour with Robert Ainslie

1787 May 18. Initiated into Royal Arch

1787 May 26. Miss May Cameron sends letter advising RB of her pregnancy.

1787 RB collaborates with Johnson in "The Scots Musical Museum"

1787 June. RB was said to be in Dumfries, receiving the freedom of the burgh, when he received May Camerons' letter.

1787 June 8. Until end of July at Mossgiel

1787 Autumn. Burns back in Edinburgh trying to settle with Creech.

1787 Meets Agnes Maclehose ("Clarinda")

1787 August 7 until the 1788 April 13, Burns extremely unhappy with Creech.

1787 August 15. Dated document freeing RB from writ from May Camerons advisors.

1787 August 25. Third and last Highland Tour. Visits the Duke and Duchess of Gordon

1787 Early September. He met Robert Graham of Fintry when both were guests of the Duke and Duchess of Atholl.

1787 September 16. Tour ends in Edinburgh. (600 miles in twenty-two days.)

1787 September. The name of Miss Betsy Robinson, [from Banff according to the inscription] etched on window by RB.

1787 September. Burns showed interest in a letter to Mr Miller on Farming.

1787 September 24th (probably), Publication of the Belfast edition, with the Dublin edition perhaps a few days later, circa 29th Sept. [Billd]

1787 October 20. Returned from his tour and wrote: 'In two or three days... 'I will take a ride to Dumfries directly.... 'I want to be farmer in a small farm, about a ploughgang'

1787 October 20. daughter, Jean Burns, died aged 1 year.

1787 Buchanites were expelled from Closeburn setting up at Auchengibbert Farm, in the Crocketford area of Kirkcudbright, where they ran their own farm, spinning yarn for local factories until 1792

1787 Late Nov/ Early Dec. The 3rd (1st London) Edition came out.

1788 Early January, Burns, crippled temporarily in one of his legs, 'owing to a fall by the drunken stupidity of a coachman', wrote to Ballantine from Edinburgh. Laid up for six weeks. (Age 29)

1788 Burns had remained in Edinburgh for ten months after the publication of his poems without getting a settlement from Creech.

1788 January. Sent a letter to the Earl of Glencairn in Edinburgh stating: “I wish to get into the Excise:”

1788 January 31. Death of Bonnie Prince Charlie.

1788 February 9. Elizabeth Paton married John Andrew in Tarbolton, Ayrshire.

1788 February. Sent a letter to Robert Graham, Commissioner of Excise for Scotland.

1788 Susannah Roeson (1762-1824) published "A Trip to Parnassus" collection of poetry.

1788 March 1. Brother Gilbert elevated to Master Mason in Tarbolton

1788 March 9. Jean gives birth to unnamed twins, a daughter who lived 1 day, a son, who lived 13 days (Mauchline)

1788. Sought a career offering a regular income.

1788. Peter Stuart, edited The Oracle, undertook the issuing of the first regular London evening paper, The Star. He had improved mail coach facilities of Palmer circulation. He had offered RB a column.

1788 Authenticity of Burns’s marriage to Jean recognised by Mauchline Kirk Session

1788 Around March. RB associated with Janet Clow (one of Clarindas' maids).

1788 April 13. Settled with Creech

1788 May 3. The first issue of the Star and Evening Advertiser.

1788. Excise commission issued.

1788 May 25. Whitsunday, Burns agreed to three year lease of Ellisland.



More dates of interest:

Chronology of Robert Burns' Works (by Pam)


Robert Burns and the Earl of Glencairn's sister (by Pam)



This list can also be found at:






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1788 June 11. Burns took possession of Ellisland, Nithsdale.

1788 June 14. RB sends 1st Ellisland letter to Robert Ainslie

1788 July 07. The first American edition appeared.

1788 July 14. Burns's Excise Commission, first printed. Burns had qualified for the commission some time before.

1788 August. RB wrote 'O were I on Parnassus hill' while waiting for his wife to join him from Ayrshire. Corsencon Hill, New Cumnock, affectionately called Parnassus by RB.

1788 September. RB and Robert Riddell, an independent farmer, created “Monkland Friendly Society” developing into a “Traveling Library System” around Monkland (on the A702 between Thornhill and Moniave, Dumfriesshire).

1788 October 14. Patrick Miller had Symington's steam-engine boat successfully tried out on Dalswinton Loch near Miller's home.

1788 November. Janet Clow gives birth to a son, Robert Burns, Edinburgh

1788 November 11. Tenure as Deputy Master of Tarbolton Lodge ends after four years.

1788 November 13. Wrote to Bruce Campbell (1734 — 1813), who owned the estate of Mayfield and Milrig, in the parish of Galston, Ayrshire, asking for an introduction to James Boswell of Auchinleck.

1788 December 6. Mrs Mary Oswald of Auchincruive died in London.

1788 Around December. Son Francis conceived with wife, Jean.

1788 mid-December. The pirated Philadelphia and New York 2nd Edition appeared.

1788 December 27. Joins Lodge Dumfries St. Andrew No. 179

1789 January 1. RB's "Elegy on the Year" published.

1789 January 3. Robert Burness, Paternal Uncle died. Stewarton (his daughter Frances (Fanny) later comes to live with RB & Jean.

1789 January 10. Whighams Inn event.

1789 Robert Burns critique of Helen Maria Williams' 'The Slave Trade'

1789 Mid March. RB told Mr Moore he had been in Edinburgh and settled with Creech.

1789 Pirated Belfast & Dublin Editions appeared.

1789 David Sillar, one of Burns's closest friends, had his own book of poems printed Poems) in which he included a poem he had been sent by Burns.

1789 Robert Burns gave £200 to Gilbert to release him from debts incurred at Mossgiel in Mauchline.

1789 March. Wrote a letter to Mrs Dunlop refering to his brother's lease being almost up and infers to giving him Ellisland lease

1789. July 14. Storming of the Bastille; beginning of the French revolution (through 1799)

1789 August. Creech was a Bailie of the City on the Bench when Margaret Burns, an Edinburgh prostitute's case was first heard. He was very annoyed at the courts guilty decision.

1789 August 18. Son, Francis Wallace Burns born, Ellisland. (Age 30)

1789 October 15 or early hours of October 16. RB may have written "The Whistle"

1789 RB entered the Excise Service.

1789 December 22. The Inner House decided to overturn the Margaret Burns' decision. A magazine tried to make a connection with Creech and Margaret.

1790 February 2. Burns described W.Smellie in a letter to Peter Hill from Ellisland, as 'that old Veteran in Genius, Wit and Bawdry, Smellie'. He also includes in the letter an interesting passage concerning Edinburgh prostitute Margaret Burns (Died 1790). (Age 31)

1790 Around May. Daughter Elizabeth conceived with Ann Park.

1790 June. RB sent Francis Grose (1731?-1791) a prose witch tale with a variant in a letter, following it up with a rhymed version: Tam o' Shanter.

1790 July 24 William Burness (bro) died in London aged 22. Buried in St Paul's Churchyard, London.

1790 August/September. Son William conceived with Jean.

1790 (During the year) An uncommon number of twin births occurred in several counties, "a fact remarked at the time, never attempted to be accounted for". [Statistical Account of 1791-99 vol.6 p.412 : Old Cumnock, Ayrshire]

1791 March. "Tam o'Shanter" published in the "Edinburgh Magazine." (Aged 32)

1791 March 31 Elizabeth (II) born to Ann Park at Leith and named after Ann Park's mother. [later Mrs John Thomson died 1873](lived with her uncle Gilbert)

1791 April 9. William Nicol Burns born, Ellisland. Named after the Edinburgh schoolmaster, became a Colonel in the East India Company.

1791 April. "Tam o'Shanter" published in Grose's "Antiquities of Scotland".

1791 May 6 or 21. Mr Grose died in Dublin.

1791 May. Mrs. Buchan died.

1791 June 21 Gilbert married Jean Breckenridge in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire. Robert Attended.

1791 August 25. Renunciation of Ellisland signed.

1791 November 11. RB abandoned farming Ellisland and settled in Dumfries.

1791 November 29 until December 11. RB in Edinburgh.

1791 December 6. Meets Agnes Maclehose for the last time.

1790s Radical songs

1792 February 27. RB helps capture a French smuggler (Rosemund). (Aged 33)

1792 Alledgedly attempts to send the captured brig Rosamund’s carronades to French revolutionaries.

1792 Spring. RB took up his third and final Exciseman post in Dumfries.

1792 April. RB answered a letter from Creech who suggested a new edition of poems in two volumes.

1792 April 11. Radical Whigs declared themselves "The Society of the Friends of the People"

1792 April 20. Revolutionary France declared war on Austria.

1792 April 28. France invaded the Austrian Netherlands (present-day Belgium), but beaten back within a week. Prussia joined the war against France.

1792 May: Society for Constitutional Information prints as a pamphlet and cheaply distributes Thomas Paine's Rights of Man

1792 May 15 Gilbert's 1st son William was born at Mossgiel, Mauchline

1792 May 21. George III issued a Royal Proclamation vs. seditious writings, banning The Rights of Man and charging Thomas Paine with sedition.

1792 July 25 The Brunswick Manifesto was a proclamation issued by the commander of the Allied Army (principally Austrian and Prussian), on to the population of Paris, threatened that if the French royal family was harmed, then French civilians would be harmed.

1792 July 30 Austria and Prussia began an invasion of France.

1792 September 21. Newly elected French National Convention abolished the monarchy and officially declared France a Republic

1792 RB made an Honorary Member of the Royal Company of Archers

1792 September. William Smellie visited Maria Riddell and RB in Dumfries, where Smellie attended one of the Assemblies and was made freeman of Dumfries

1792 RB sent a letter to Mr Grose which included three remarkable Witch Stories relating to Alloway Kirk.

1792 He wrote "The Slaves Lament".

1792 November 13. RB subscribes for "Edinburgh Gazette"

1792 November. France pledged to support other nations who were to revolt.

1792 November 21. Elizabeth Riddell born, Dumfries. Named after the wife of Burns's friend Robert Riddell of Glenriddell.

1792 December. 1st Friends of the People convention held in Edinburgh

1792 December c.15. RB's last visit to Dunlop House.

1792 December 18. Thomas Paine found guilty of sedition for Rights of Man and sentenced to death. Escaped to France.

1792 December 22. Whigs formed the Friends of the Liberty of the Press to defend free speech against Loyalists

1792 December 31. Excise inquiry into RB's loyalty. Investigated as "a person disaffected to Government"

1793 Jan 2. RB writes to Mrs Dunlop concerning his control of drinking. Blaming others for problem.

1793 January 17. Louis XVI condemned to death.

1793 January 21. Louis' execution; led to French wars with European countries.

1793 February 1. France declares war on Britain.

1793 February 18. 2nd Edinburgh Edition of "Poems" published.

1793. RB asks and receives burgess privileges in Dumfries school.

1793 May. 2nd Friends of the People convention held in Edinburgh

1793 May 19. Burns family moved from Bank Vennel to a better quality house in Mill Street (now Burns Street).

1793 July 30 - August 2. 1st Galloway tour with Syme. When "Robert Bruce's March at the battle of Bannockburn" was written at Murray Arms Hotel, Gatehouse of Fleet.

1793 August. Thomas Muir arrested at Portpatrick. "The Edinburgh Sedition Trials."

1793 August c.30. "Scots Wha Hae" sent to Thomson.

1793 October 16. Marie Antoinette guillotined

1793 November. Burns co-operated with William Creech in finding extra material for the two volume edition.

1793 RB had revised third edition of his works published in Edinburgh.

1793. Elizabeth Park, handed over to Burns when Ann Park was seeking a position as a domestic servant.

1793 December 9. Isabella Burness (sis) married at Mossgeil, John Begg who superintended the farm of Dinning, parish of Closeburn, Dumfriesshire. She died 4 December 1858 in Bridgehouse by Ayr, at age 87.

1793 Winter. 3rd Friends of the People convention held in Edinburgh.

1793 December c.31. Burns & Riddell quarrel

1794 January 12. Final breach with Maria Riddell. (RB Age 35)

1794 April 14. Gilbert's 2nd son James was born at Mossgiel.

1794 April 21. Robert Riddell dies.

1794 June c.25-28. 2nd Galloway tour with Syme.

1794 August 12. James Glencairn Burns born, Dumfries

1794 December c.22. RB temporaryActing Supervisor at Dumfries.

1795 January 03. Josiah Wedgwood the slave trade abolitionist died. Famous for his slave kneeling in chains, saying "Am I not a man and a brother," medallion.

1795 February. One of the first members of Dumfries Volunteers (Age 36)

1795 February. Reconciliation with Maria Riddell.

1795 April. Alexander Findlater resumed duties as Supervisor at Dumfries.

1795 The Reverend James Young of "The Kirks Alarm" died.

1795 June 24. William Smellie died.

1795 September. Elizabeth Riddell Burns died aged 3 years.

1796 April 10. Gilbert's 3rd son Thomas was born at Mossgiel.

1796 Jult 12. Robert Burns wrote his last poem.

1796 July. RB went to the Brow Well for "the cure" that probably hastened his death.

1796 July 21. RB died in Dumfries (Age 37)

1796 July 25. Maxwell Burns born, Dumfries, the day of RB's funeral. James VI of Scotland was crowned the first king of Great Britain on this day, 1603.

1797 November 22. Gilbert's 4th son Robert was born at Mossgiel.

1798 Jeans father, James Armour, stonemason, died.

1798 Gilbert and his large family moved to Dinning, (Nithsdale) Dumfressshire

1799 May 23. Gilbert's 1st daug. Janet born.

1800 Gilbert and family moved to East Lothian to become estate manager to Captain John Dunlop of Morham.

1800 Nov 16 Gibert's 2nd daug. Agnes born.

1802 July 6. Gilbert's 5th son John born.

1803 December 24. Gilbert's 6th son Gilbert born. d. 9 Oct 1881

1804 Agnes Burness (sis) married William Galt  in Dinning, Closeburn, Dumfriesshire.

1804 Gibert and his family moved to Grant's Braes on the Haddington to Bolton road on his appointment as factor to the Lennoxlove estate owned by Lord Blantyre

1805 September 12. Gilbert's 3rd daug. Anne born. d. 2 Aug 1887

1807 June 8. Gilbert's 4th daughter, Jean born.

1809 May 17. Gilbert's 5th daug. Isabella born.

1815 July 3. Gilbert's 5th daug. Isabella died.

1815 September 14. Gibert's 2nd daug. Agnes died.

1816 October 30. Gilbert's 1st daug. Janet died.

1827Jan 4. Gilbert's 4th daughter, Jean born.

1827 Feb 26. Gilbert's 5th son John died.

1827 April 8 RB's brother, Gilbert died Haddington, Scotland, at age 66. He was buried in Bolton Cemetery, Haddington, Scotland.

1832 March 2. Annabella Burness (sis) died in Grant's Braes, Haddington, Scotland, at age 67.

1834 Agnes (Burness) Galt (sis) died. (Her husband, William, died in 1847. Both are buried in Dundalk in St Nicholas’s Cemetery.[Kev])

1834 March 26. Jean (Armour) Burns (wife) died.



More dates of interest:

Chronology of Robert Burns' Works (by Pam)


Robert Burns and the Earl of Glencairn's sister (by Pam)



This list can also be found at:






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