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Please support this amazing Petition:


I shall forever support The Legend That is Robert Burns and The Hero That is Sir William Wallace - SCOTLAND THE BRAVE!!  FREEDOM!!!

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We celebrate Burns Birth on the 25th of January every year but why not commemorate his death by celebrating his life (annually) on the 21st of July. http://www.visitscotland.com/info/events/homecoming-scotland-2014-the-awl-scottish-national-bardbq-p768581
Organise National BardBQ's throughout the world, getting families together eating Twa hot Dugs, a Red Red Roast, Jolly Burgers, and other Burns delicacies on the 21st of July, year of Homecoming Scotland II.

1. Recall and show respect for (someone or something) in a ceremony.
2. Serve as a memorial to.






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In an edition of Burns Chronicle a few years back the first few pages tell that in 1801, 5 years after Robert Burns’ death on 21st July, the 1st Burns’ Social Gathering was held by several of his friends in Greenock.

• In the Beginning (Greenock B.C.)

• "The Mother Club" 1

• "The Mother Club" 2


A Template of The Scottish National BardBQ:

On the 21st of July, BardBQ’s can begin at any time of the day but go silent approaching 17:55, when a tale of The Haggis is unravelled, something along the lines of:

In days long past, whistles were used to lure haggi down from the hills for the village feast.

When the haggi were really close to the waiting villagers, everyone blew their whistles as hard and as long as they could, frightening away the creatures. The slowest, weakest haggi were caught and put into the pot.

This helped the haggi grow in numbers of strong, healthier beasts.

The tale ends with the lines:

How softly the whistle, like down of the thistle,

It calls the great chief to the flame,

The red embers glow and remembrances flow,

Bein’ Puddin’ Race winner’s nae shame

At 17:59 a pied Piper plays ‘The Whistle’ on a penny whistle. This is made to last exactly 2 minutes, ending at 18:01, where everyone in attendance blows their own whistle as loudly as they can.

[The poem and ballad 'The Whistle’ by Robert Burns recalls how a whistle was the prize to be held by the greatest drinking man in Northern Europe and when brought to Scotland the challenge was won by Robert Lowrie (d. 1804). The contest was renewed in Burns' presence at his neighbour's house and inspired him to recite the tale in verse.

The Whistle is still extant in the home of Cunningham of Caprington by Kilmarnock, having been handed down by the winner of the last held contest in Friars Carse on 16th October 1789. The contest was witnessed by Burns who wrote to Riddle on the day 'Wishing that your head may be crowned with laurels to-night, and free from aches tomorrow'.]

Edited on 08/11/13 from: http://www.burnsscotland.com/items/p/poem-by-robert-burns-the-whistle-a-ballad-(page-1-of-4).aspx

[ Flat whistles can be purchased in bulk and be given out or sold to people attending the event.

Red, white or blue flat whistles: £440.00 for every 1,000 ordered would give you £560 profit if selling for £1 each. http://www.totalmerchandise.co.uk/products/details/Budget-Flat-Whistles ]





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