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The annual Celtic Connections Music Festival has taken over the cityof Glasgow for its 17th year and is back with a simple message – Celticmusic is global.

Beginning on Thursday with a torchlight parade through the centre ofGlasgow, this world-renowned festival has shifted its approach fromfocusing solely on the celebration of Celtic music to looking more atthe connections and influences this genre has had on other cultures’music.

Artistic Director Donald Shaw said: “The strength of the festival lies in its scope.”

“We are proud of what the music has done worldwide and we are happyto invite all styles and genres of music to celebrate in that.”

Featuring more than 1,500 artists from around the world, thefestival will host performers of folk, indie, jazz and classical musicand provide a platform for famous faces such as the 10-time GrammyAward-winner Bobby McFerrin, Scottish singer-songwriter Horse andformer 10,000 Maniacs singer Natalie Merchant.

Celtic music is a very expressive form or music and it is thisaspect which Shaw believes allows it to mix into so many other stylesof world music.

“It is almost like the world is shrinking musically because we arefinding these pockets round the world where Celtic music hasinfiltrated the system.

“Because the festival has become large, we focus more on theconnections rather than specifically Celtic but I do think there arestrands to a lot of other music that have Celtic influence.

“We are proud of what the music has done worldwide and we are happyto invite all styles and all genres of music to celebrate in that.”

For more information on tickets and venues, visit the Celtic Connections dedicated sites.



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