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Here are some of the Virtual Burns Greetings received today:


Warmest greetings from South Ayrshire, the home of Robert Burns.


AsProvost, or Civic Head of this area, I am delighted to be taking partin this global celebration of the birth of Scotland’s national poet.



Thephenomenon of Robert Burns continues to have huge international appealand I am particularly thrilled the power of email and the world wideweb has extended his reach right across the planet.



Duringmy time as Provost, I’ve been privileged to meet many thousands ofpeople at different events and activities in South Ayrshire and I canconfidently say that Robert Burns’ work is known on every continent onEarth.


It never ceases to amaze me how people from all walksof life, of all ages, backgrounds and cultures have such a keen anddeep interest in his work and such broad appeal confirms to me that hewrote with the reader in mind - and not just for himself.



Burnswas a visionary – he saw the appeal of Scottish culture, heritage andtradition reaching out, far beyond Ayr and Ayrshire long before tourismbecame an industry - and he was passionate about his roots and thepeople who inspired him.


But I think even he’d have been amazed to know how long his popularity has and continues to endure.



Lastyear 8000 people came to his birthplace of Alloway, just to experienceand take part in the launch of the Scottish Year of Homecoming, whichwas established as a 250th anniversary celebration of Burns’ birth..




Thisyear, as a direct spin-off, Alloway 1759, an exciting weekend ofentertainment and activity was born which is making headlines as apremier annual attraction in the national celebration of Burns’ life,times and work.




As part of this weekend, Alloway’sstreets were transported back in time to the year 1759 and were linedwith characters and performers who created an authentic 18th centuryatmosphere - giving us a brief glimpse of village life which influencedthe young Burns.


I’d encourage you to experience this for yourself – it really is spectacular.



Wealso have a wide range of riches to offer visitors, from heritage tohistory, culture to cuisine and scenery to sport - it’s all there to bediscovered, experienced and enjoyed.


There’s still time to make a New Year’s resolution to come and visit South Ayrshire.



I look forward to welcoming you in the future so you can enjoy Burns Country in person.


Provost Winifred D. Sloan



Greetings from all of the pupils and staff at Hillhead Primary School

in Kirkintilloch, Glasgow.


We have had a wonderful day celebrating the work of Robert Burns!

In the morning we had a ceilidh where everyone toasted Rabbie as part

of the Worldwide Toast to Burns (this group are trying to get into the

Guiness Book of World Records for the most toasts to our Bard - google

them and join in!).


In the afternoon the Primary 7s hosted a Burns Supper for the whole

school and the parents. Each class sang a song, danced a jig and the

winners of the Burns poetry competitions recited their poems. A great

day was had by all!


Many happy returns,


From P3/2, Michelle Morris and the rest of the staff and pupils at

Hillhead Primary



TheVictoria Joint Scottish Council and its eighteen member societies andclans wish you all a happy Robert Burns birthday for 2010. As we enjoyour haggis here on the southern tip of Vancouver Island in BritishColumbia, we look out on snowdrops in bloom and daffodils, bluebells,and tulips that are about five-six inches high and will, barringunexpected winter weather, be blooming in a month or so.


TheBurns Suppers started here in Victoria a week ago and will continue onfor another week. The Victoria Joint Scottish Council holds a Memorialeach year which starts out at 2:00 pm at the statue of Robert Burns andHighland Mary in Beacon Hill Park, and then moves to St. Andrew'sPresbyterian Kirk for a concert and tea. We always hope for sunshine,of course, and often it is beautifully bright and warm (but I mustadmit that even here in Victoria, we have been known to have snow onRobert Burns' birthday).


We hope you all have a wonderful celebration of the birth of "Scotland's Immortal Bard."


Irene Feir,

Secretary, Victoria Joint Scottish Council




Greetingto all fellow Burnsians! I am here giving the annual Burns lecture atQueen's University, Belfast. It starts in 1 hour, after which I am surethere will be some imbibing and merriment. I'll try to send a picturefrom there later on.

I'll also be attending the Burns Associationof Belfast's Burns Night tomorrow night and will try to download apicture from there.

In the meantime, happy Burns Day to all and to all a good Nicht!



Dr. Leith Davis

Professor, Department of English

Director, Centre for Scottish Studies

AQ 6111

Simon Fraser University

8888 University Drive

778 782-4833

Burnaby, BC V5A 1S6








Happy Burns Day/Night to everyone out there.


RobertBurns is a legend and he is such a vital part of Scotland and ScottishCulture. I was most proud to be an OFFICIAL HOMECOMING SCOTLANDAMBASSADOR 2009 and was able to be in Scotland at long last.


Iam most pleased to share in this virtual celebration of the birthday ofRobert Burns with all of you in all corners of the globe.


My family has had a love affair with Robert Burns for over 100 years:


Forover 100 years a wonderful Burns book as been passed down through thegenerations and it passed to me by my Grandfather who told me before hedied, to pass it along to a special person who is kind of heart andkind of soul, he made me swear to do it as his last dying wish. He saidit has to go to a person who is full of dreams and a soul that touchesothers at it travels through life, well to me that is Gerard Butler, hehas touches so many and continues to touch so many.


My GreatGreat Grandfather had it with him all during the first World War and hesaid it kept him sane all through the death and madness of the war, ithas seen many a battlefield all through Europe and he prized it aboveeven his cigarettes. He read from it as one of his fellow soliders laydying on the battle field and held his hand to ease his suffering, sothe book as been many places and has been help near to many people'sheart in my family and it was sent to Gerard from all of us at TeamBurns.


It just seemed the right thing to do and to get us rolling to begin this wonderful Burns Journey together.


The book is 177 years old and I have read it many times as a child and held great wonder in my eyes.


It is published in 1830 Volume 11 - Poetical Works Of Robert Burns


Weare pleased on Burns Day/Night that our New Robert Burns Website is nowpart of The ROBERT BURNS WORLD FEDERATION, here is a link to our newwebsite and we welcome you all to join us:




We have many Scottish Musicians/Artists with us such as Dougie Maclean and so many more.


Our group RT Burns will also help support this wonderful cause:


Celebrate Burns Night in Come Dine with Me style and raise money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer




Our group with continue to ensure that the Burns Flame Burns Brightly for future generations to enjoy and appreciate.


May the memory of the legend that is Robert Burns transend time and space.


Happy Burns Night All


Sandra Horyski ( Lady Alex)




Hello to all Burns Enthusiasts !

I hope you celebrated well, the anniversary of the birth of our 

beloved Robert Burns.

In Adelaide South Australia we were able to attend two attend two 

Burns Suppers, one one Saturday 23rd at the Port Adelaide Caledonian 


and last night (25th) at the Caledonian Hotel, North Adelaide, 

organised by the Robert Burns Society of South Australia.

Both events were well attended and a great time was had by all. Quite 

a few people managed to get to both events.

We intend to hold another event in July at the Robert Burns Statue at 

the State Library of South Australia.


Best Wishes to You All.

Read a Burns poem each day.


The Port Adelaide Caledonian Society Event. 23rd January.



Please support this amazing Petition:


I shall forever support The Legend That is Robert Burns and The Hero That is Sir William Wallace - SCOTLAND THE BRAVE!!  FREEDOM!!!

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