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Tartan Day Ambassadors Allover Scotland and all over the world, Scots and the Scottish Diasporaare spreading the word about Tartan Day and the significance of April 6– the day when the first stirrings of democracy occurred, the day whenwe celebrate Scotland's people, its heritage, its history, its cultureand its amazing legacy to the world.

Helping celebrate Scottish culture and history are…"In so many different ways, we have given much to the world, and Iam personally delighted to be part of the Tartan Week events thatshowcase the best of contemporary Scotland. I hope to see Tartan Daygrow from strength to strength in the coming years so that our familiesand friends see April 6th as a great day for Scotland in the globalcommunity."

- Brian Cox, international actor and the very first Scotland's Tartan Day International Ambassador.

"I am delighted to hear that the people of Angus are inaugeratingTartan Day in Scotland. As most people know I am passionate aboutScotland and its place in the World and it is through the efforts ofthe people of the country that this will be globally recognised. I wishthem every success" - Sir Sean Connery

"Tartan Day celebrates the bond between the two nations of Scotlandand America and I pass on my best wishes to the people of Angus inwelcoming Tartan Day home." - Ewan McGregor

"Originally an American idea aimed at celebrating the closehistorical, cultural, trading and other links between Scotland andAmerica, it is time for Tartan Day to look wider." - Helen Liddell, High Commissioner for Australia

"The great thing for me about Tartan is that it says so much aboutour history but it can also be used to market our modern Scotland." - Patricia Ferguson, MSP. Minister for Tourism Sport & Culture

"Like AMerica, Scotland is always ready to celebrate our culture andhistory. I am delighted the people of Angus have focussed on TartanDay. There are some 20 million Americans claiming Scots descendenttoday. Tartan Day represents a terrific opportunity for us to renewfriendship across the water and encourage tourists to visit Scotlandfor themselves. I am pleased that Angus Council has seized on thisopportunity and wish your Tartan Day events every success" - Goerge Reid MSP, former presiding officer, Scottish Parliament

"It was an honour and a pleasure to be involved in such a gloriousevent. I hope this grows and grows and Angus' 2020 vision is achieved."- Dougie Donnelly, BBC Sport presenter

"I am delighted to support Scotland's Tartan Day again this year.It's great to see this initiative blossoming and I look forward toseeing the events continue to flourish both here in Scotland andoverseas in the coming years." - Dr Anne Gloag

"This first Tartan Day in Scotland will be a great opportunity forScots to celebrate their history and roots. It sits very well alongsidethe Tartan Day celebrations in the US, where the first minister will beleading the way in promoting Scotland as an excellent place to live,work and study. The week of events in Angus will also present anexcellent opportunity to showcase the best of Scottish arts and cultureand warmly welcome Angus Council's commitment to the celebrations" - Frank McAveety MSP

"Being an athlete under the Scottish flag and competing inworld-class events, I think it is great that Scottish people have beenable to find themselves through Tartan Day." - Adam Cox, 18-year-old gymnast and bronze-medal winner at 2005 Commonwealth Games

"I believe the concept is an excellent one and I wish Angus Councilwell in seeking to see it established more widely across Scotland." - Lex Gold CBE, Executive Chairman, Scottish Premier League.

"I hope that the Tartan Day celebrations become an established annual event." - James S Milne CBE, Chairman and Managing Director, Balmoral group, Aberdeen.



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I shall forever support The Legend That is Robert Burns and The Hero That is Sir William Wallace - SCOTLAND THE BRAVE!!  FREEDOM!!!

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