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Hello all so sorry for the delay, I was a wee bit under the weather yesterday and had hoped to post the details up on our 3RD ANNIVERSARY OF RT BURNS. Yes FEB. 11 is our 3rd Anniversary of the formation of RT BURNS. This is all down to a very special lady Rosemarie Rounce who I am most honored to call friend, it is her dream and it has now become a reality. RT BURNS would not be here if it was not for Rosemaries dream and vision and we came together when the word of a possible BURNS FILM with Gerry Butler was out there. I was most honored to have Rose by my side when we met ANDREW BOSWELL OF MOB FILMS in LONDON to discuss the BURNS FILM they are in the process of putting together and I know ANDREW did not know what hit him and he knew Rosemarie and I meant business. Well here we go and we know you will have some great CREST ideas out there. In honor of RT Burns becoming members OF THE ROBERT BURNS FEDERATION we have a very special Competition. Our 1ST Competition for RT Burns Club will be to Design a RT Burns Club LOGO ( crest) for us. This LOGO will be used on our New Official Robert Burns Website here: http://www.rtburnsclub.com/ We are a listing of the awesome prizes we will be offering to date: 1) 2 Robert Burns commemorative mugs - Donated by Mither Tongue 2) 2 Somethin for Aabody books - Donated by Mither Tongue 3) Robert Burns gold finish 250th medallions - Donated by Fed Mackenzie www.robertburns-gifts .com 4) Signed CD from Shona McMillan - Peopl and Songs of The Sea 5) Signed Gari Glayser CD ========================================= Your CREST design MUST use the following: The fact we are now part of the ROBERT BURNS WORLD FEDERATION Use our name in the CREST DESIGN - RT BURNS CLUB THE DEADLINE FOR YOUR CREST SUBMISSIONS ARE MARCH 11, 2010 ========================================== The prize scale is as follows: 1ST PRIZE 2ND PRIZE 3RD PRIZE 1st and second runner up. All enteries should be sent to either myself or Rosemarie: Lady Alex: shoryski@shaw.ca Rosemarie Rounce: RosemarieLCL@aol.com Any questions please drop us a line and we look forward to receiving all your awesome enteries and thank you all for the most wonderful support, it means the world to us. Have a super weekend all Hugs Lady Alex and ROSEMARIE
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A suggestion for our crest:

A silhoette of two people shaking hands under the Burns Federation badge and the words "Gies a haun".

GIES A HAUN rolls off the tongue and can mean so many things Rose.

Take my hand, shake my hand, give me help, give us help, applaud me or us, etc. It is always friendly.

The Burns Monument, Albany, designed by George H. Broughton and sculpted by Charles Calverley, dedicated in Washington Park, September 30, 1888 depicts "Auld Lang Syne": two men having a drink together and shaking hands across a table.





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GEOFF, this sounds great, please submitt it to the contest




Please support this amazing Petition:


I shall forever support The Legend That is Robert Burns and The Hero That is Sir William Wallace - SCOTLAND THE BRAVE!!  FREEDOM!!!

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