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Biography - Kathleen Procter-Moore

Kathleen started her singing career in Perth, Scotland where she won many competitions including the Premiership award at the prestigious Edinburgh Festival. She performed throughout Scotland and broadcast regularly on Scottish radio. She studied at The Royal Academy of Music.

After Leaving Scotland and settling in Australia, Kathleen won one of two scholarships with the Western Australian Opera Company and went on to become a Major Principal with the Company performing many roles.

Kathleen also performed and broadcast with the W.A. Symphony Orchestra in Concert and Oratorios.

She was chosen as a finalist in the ABC Young performers Awards and the New York Metropolitan Opera competition.

It was during this time that she was spotted by the Australian Opera Company and was asked to join the Opera Studio for young principals.

Whilst in the studio she was asked to perform the role of Malika in Lakme and as a result became a major principal where she went on to perform over 30 roles.

Kathleen also performed with Companies such as The Gilbert & Sullivan Society, University of NSW Opera, The Savoy Arts Company, Rockdale Musical Society, and Chatswood Musical Society.

After deciding to call it a day with large scale productions ( I think I needed to find myself again, to rediscover who I am as a person) I coached for a bit then started to dabble in a variety of types of music Including:-

Barbershop (Sweet Adelines). I was a member of an award winning quartet called 'Touche' and assistance director and section leader of Circular Keys Chorus, SydneyTown Chorus both in Sydney) and Harmony In Paradise Chorus (Gold Coast, Queensland)

I also branched out into alternative styles including Celtic, Music Theatre, Contemporary pop and Jazz.

My repertoire includes full programs of Opera, Celtic, Musicals, Broadway and contemporary pop performing to sell out audiences on the Gold Coast and Tweed, returning to Sydney frequently for recitals at venues such at Parliament House and the Joan Sutherland Society etc.

Whilst all these different times of my life brought me great happiness and personal satisfaction, it is the great lessons it taught me; the realisation of how precious life is and how important are the people we surround ourselves with on a daily basis.

It also taught me how important music is and how it can define our lives and our moods.

It can delineate the expressions of our very souls and project that image through its delivery; such is how great music is made

I have experienced many things in my life and my albums are but a snapshot into the world I have seen and the world we can all be a part of if only we would open our hearts and let it in.






Biography - Gari Glaysher

Gari Glaysher's story is a unique and inspirational one about determination, hard work and patience, born of a true passion for music. Born in London, Gari spent some time early on as a bricklayer, heavyweight boxer, and was also a three-time national champion in taekwondo. One of his first jobs as a musician was as guitarist and lead singer in a rock band, which is when he began his formal training with a vocal coach who recognized Gari's natural tenor voice and encouraged him to explore opera.

Gari began his musical studies in guitar and piano, and he has worked with prominent vocal coach Fernando Bandera in Italy. He has also worked with many music coaches from the Guildhall School of Music and the Trinity School of Music, and is currently studying with tenor Julian Gavin.

Gari has since performed in many operas including "Tosca", "Carmen", "La Traviata", "La Boheme", "Pagliacci", "Cavalleria Rusticana", and "Aida". He has also performed in several operettas including "The Pirates of Penzance", "The Merry Widow", "The Mikado", "HMS Pinafore", "The Gondoliers", "Ruddigore", and on the musical stage in the lead role of Tony in "West Side Story". He has sung for Prince Albert of Monaco and HRH Sophie the Countess of Wessex, and has performed on concert stages in England, Italy, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Spain and Canada.

Venues have included the Royal Albert Hall, the Studio Theatre in the Royal Opera House Covent Garden, the Port Theatre (Vancouver), Hever Castle, the Royal Courts of Justice, the Natural History Museum, the Dali Museum, Squeryes Court, Chartwell, Groombridge Place, and Chatsworth House. In 2008, Gari performed in his first solo concert at the indig02 in London to a sold-out audience, and earning him many rave reviews. In 2009, Gari released his debut album "Serenata", a collection of Italian love songs including two songs which were penned by renowned composer Andrea Bellentani and Cristina Pavarotti, daughter of the famed opera tenor, and which were among several songs offered personally to Gari by both Bellentani and Pavarotti.

Gari's rich voice and warm personality continue to win him a large and rapidly growing fanbase from all over the world.




Biography - Elio Scaccio

"Between the years of 1944 and 1945, my father wrote over 200 love letters to my mother. It is out of these letters the inspiration behind Lettere D'Amore comes to fruition! I hope you enjoy it!" Elio Scaccio

A performing artist since early childhood, Elio Scaccio has been singing virtually his entire life. Now, on the verge of his breakout debut CD, Lettere D'Amore, set to be released on April 20th, 2010, this rising star is ready to take the world by storm. With a captivating, silky-smooth voice, ringing high notes, and a warm inviting tone, this CD is destined to be a favorite. I Pray, the first single of the CD, will be released in February 2010 in the US.

As a small boy, Elio developed a firm understanding of the relationship between melody and complex harmony—rare for such a young child. By the age of eight, he was already widely recognized as a gifted vocalist, appearing locally and regionally as part of an acapella troupe that included his two brothers. Thus began a musical journey that would eventually lead to Elio Scaccio - The Italian Tenor.

By the time he reached high school, Elio already had years of experience performing both familiar standards as well as classical pieces. Throughout high school and college, the formal vocal training he had began as a child, continued in earnest. As a student, he also studied theater arts and performance and not only performed in supporting roles on stage, but also won a number of leading roles. Despite a love for the classics, like most teens, Elio also developed an interest in pop, jazz, and rock music.

In college, the budding tenor focused special attention on studying vocal jazz technique and performance. He also continued classical training during a summer semester at the renowned Peabody Conservatory of the Johns Hopkins University.

While pursuing legitimate scholarly musical endeavors, Elio was fully engaged outside of the classroom with various rock and pop groups, a few of which he ultimately joined on tour. With these and later groups, he toured the entire East Coast performing in a variety of venues from Florida to Vermont, often to sold-out houses. Along the way, the shows routinely brought audiences to their feet and the music itself won critical acclaim, including international recognition. Scaccio recorded CDs with two separate professional touring bands during this period. One hit single, with the band Canvasback, spent over three weeks at the top of the charts as the 1 requested song on a pop radio station in Milan, Italy.

In recent years, Elio has appeared in a myriad of venues—including concerts, clubs, festivals, TV and radio, throughout the mid-Atlantic area— performing an equally broad array of musical styles. Indeed, one of the truly distinguishing qualities of this talented artist is his ability to “crossover” between classical, pop standards, Italian ethnic, and occasionally, even the vintage rock, that was a mainstay during his college years.

Elio is classically trained under the supervision of renowned Opera tenor, Gran Wilson. Elio recently signed with Dare Records and has a major distribution deal with Warner Bros, and is launching of his first solo CD, Lettere D’Amore (Letters Of Love), which will be released in April 2010. This pop-classical CD will feature original compositions written by the gifted artist, as well as Italian favorites. There will also be a Spanish release of the CD in the fall of 2010, making this a breakout International release for the rising star.

Follow the progress of the CD, find show dates, and get advanced purchase of the CD before it becomes available in stores in April 2010. Go to www.elioscaccio.com for all the details.





Rose Marie Biography - Tony Lowe

Tony Lowe comes from a very musical family in London. His Uncle, Cyril Watters, was a well-known writer/arranger and winner of the highly coveted Ivor Novello Award for music.

Having arranged, played on and produced over 130 albums, Tony is highly respected in the industry for his abilities in all areas of writing, arranging, producing and playing music. He was an in house session player at Trident studios in London for many years before moving into production.

Tony has released three albums over the last two years and has just completed a new album with Alison Fleming called Second Nature.

From Pop to Orchestral, from Acoustic to the strange and innovative, from Rock to African and South American beats, he has worked on almost every aspect of contemporary music. Most people would agree that Tony has a unique ability to understand the feel and essence of music from all over the world.

Tony has worked with many known artists over his career - as producer, co-producer, musician, arranger and writer. His multi-talented musical ability has resulted in collaborations with many well known international artists including Julian Lennon - Pet Shop Boys - Simon Townshend (The Who, Casbah Club) - Toyah Willcox - Julien Clerc - David Cross (King Crimson) - Soulseekerz - Pat Orchard - Modern English - Pooka - Ross Cummins (Symposium) - Paul & Robin Simon (Ultravox, Thomas Dolby, John Foxx, Magazine) - Nicola Hitchcock - Belouis Some - Phil Ramone - Rusty Egan - Visage - Ben Townshend (Brian McFadden) - Nazia - Mark Brzezicki (Big Country, Procol Harum, Casbah Club, Pete Townshend, Ultravox) and many more.

From the time he was seven, Tony had an interest in theatre and the merging of music, light and images; thus, it's no surprise that he has spent many years working on several long term multi-media projects. Tlp is currently experimenting with various ways of staging these events in a new and innovative manner.





Biography - Vast Days

Vast Days (Ali Kesanto) spent a few years of his childhood playing the classical piano, but really lost his heart to composing when he was introduced to synthesizers and the wonders of modern music production at his early twenties. Since 2001 he has been creating music for a wide variety of purposes, including: fashion shows, commercial videos, show rooms, art shows and video games. In 2005 Ali also founded a musical collective called Vast Days, which serves as an outlet for his passion to create deep and heartfelt music that will introduce the listener to new unseen dimensions beyond the everyday reality.

While composing and producing music for Vast Days, Ali has been collaborating with several talented vocalists around the world, including: Elika Mahony, Kesang Marstrand, Kathleen Procter-Moore and Yoko K. The heart of Vast Days is in these collaborations; when combining the pure energies of our unique souls, we can create something that transcends our logic and mind while filling our hearts with feelings of love and oneness.




Biography - Derek Stewart Macpherson

Derek Stewart Macpherson has been singing and playing music since the age of eight and has been in a multitude of bands since then. Only in 2000, however, did he begin to take music seriously as a career. The advent of digital technology made it possible for him to set up a home studio and begin to record his work. His music spans many musical styles and so defies classification into any particular genre.

Since 2000, as well as singing and playing, he has also delved into writing, arranging and producing. He has set up his own record label, Succotash Records, and founded an umbrella group for all of his various musical ventures, The Babel Fish Project. In addition to his mainstream work, on weekday afternoons he can often be found entertaining residents of various Melbourne aged care facilities.

About The Babel Fish Project

The Concept for The Babel Fish Project was conceived in May, 2000 by Derek as a way of drawing together the many artists from disparate backgrounds and disciplines he had met in three decades of playing music. The Project has already produced some fascinating collaborations, notably THE REASON (with Mark Doherty) and HABER'S LATHE (with Anni Coyne), and The Babel Fish Project showcases the results through various websites, etc. as they become available.

Derek plays guitar and other instruments, sings, arranges and produces the music of The Babel Fish Project but would also like to extend heartfelt gratitude to the many other musicians and others who have, and will in the future, contribute both musically, technically and administratively to the project.

The recordings Derek has contributed to this album are two songs from a collection of works by Robert Burns he has been working on, "Green Grow The Rashes," which was released as a single last year to some critical acclaim (it also reached #1 on Soundvault & ezFolk), and features guitar by Mark Doherty and additional vocals by Anni Coyne, and "Ae Fond Kiss," also featuring Mark Doherty with Tom Harling on piano. This is a new, unreleased track making its debut on this album. Production and arrangements are by Derek and Mark, with help from Steve Amey on the final mix of "Ae Fond Kiss."

For more information on Derek and The Babel Fish Project, please see:






Biography - Tommie Brewster

The soulful voice of blues © tommiebrewster2010

I have been a musician all my life and cannot remember a time

when I didn’t play piano. I started before I was 4 years old

and studied classical music at the Royal Academy of Music

in London, playing several other instruments also.

At home, my influences were many from jazz to ragtime, from

swing to reggae, from rock to heavy metal but it was always

blues that spoke loudest to me in my heart and soul and it was

always my dream to write, play and sing my own blues music.

Every musician absorbs influences and I am no exception, but I do

not knowingly emulate or imitate anyone – I just write my blues

the way I hear it in my heart and my head.

I also had a dream to produce my own music which I have now

achieved and with the help of some very professional final

mastering I am pleased with the finished product. I write

my music in the oldfashioned way, on manuscript and the lyrics

come to me along with the melody as a complete package.

I record also in as authentic a way as I can – no samples,

loops, tweaks – if I make a mistake in playing the piano part, then

I start at the beginning and do it all again!!

My very latest release is 'You're a Liar' and this was chosen to be featured

on The Jazz Network Worldwide where with the most wonderful write up about me from Jaijiai Jackson, Woman of Jazz. My songs are not jazz and I am no way a jazz professional so I felt doubly honored to find myself there - where the spotlight continues. for another month

This is in addition to being added to the repeat playlist on Women’s Radio live365

and being featured on Stormy Monday radio show and on Glori Radio

and Music to go Usa, amongst many many others.

It has also just brought me a nomination on GHPRadio for a Radio Grammy

which is so exciting! And the Global Jazz Network now added me to its

Hall of Fame under the Legends and All stars group which is a very great honor.

I have been voted Blues Artist of the Month

for three consecutive months ( which never happened before on the site) at

Mystage Music.com, voted Blues Vocalist number 2 in Australia on the mp3.com site,

remain Blues Artist number one for my native New Zealand, was chosen as

Arzuk Artist of the Week by the Arzuk Music Production Company out of LA,

and had the most wonderful response to my first ever Christmas song

'Give Love For Christmas' which exceeded all my expectations in the number of

people who bought the song and also was chosen for two compilation CDs on

Powerof Prog.com and WomensRadiolive365.com.

Tremendous support from radio is essential for an artist - and I am very blessed

in that - so many radio stations are very very kind to me and keep me on

repeat playlists and features from Texas to Estonia, from Brazil to Norway.

and I found myself featured again on many successive live interviews on blogtalkradio

shows - enjoy those so much!

So yes, my love affair with my music is a wonderful if sometimes exhausting

relationship - but I love every single minute of it, feel so fortunate to be doing

what I am doing and that so many people have taken me and my songs to their hearts.

My song You're A Liar is still getting attention and my latest song

Won’t See Me For Dust is now in the spotlight at the Jazz Net work Worldwide

with a video on You Tube. -but my next projects are already

under way - special songs for special causes and promotions that I'm honored

to be invited to join - a double album ready for release and a few more new singles

along the way.


Available on ITunes


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