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This Burns Corridor Network site is a work in progress (and probably always will be : )





This is handy:

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What do you think of the Nidd Nokk legend?


Nidd Nokk, sliddery bawk, somethin' in the watter,

Fiery een, that's rarely seen, will mak yer wallies chatter.

They pierce the nicht, an' gie such fricht,

Nerves plucked by Pixie Catter:

Its land borne frein' with vision keen,

Ye'd better flee than flatter.

Nidd Nokk, sliddery bawk, ye'll stert tae get the feelin',

Somethin's there, ye feel its stare, butterflees are reelin'.

Twa rid slits flash, was that a splash?

Naw, mair lik' somethin' stealin',

It soondit close, it's somethin' gross,

It's there! It's here! You're squeelin'!!!!!

Nidd Nokk, sliddery bawk, we'd walked & talked the gether,

The nicht did please, we'd felt at ease, ye cannae bate a blether.

A silent break, sa' that it takes,

To change from pleasant weather,

We quickened pace, and asked for grace,

Aw runnin', Hell for leather.

Nidd Nokk, sliddery bawk, wir lungs were fit fur burstin'

Wi' legs lik leed, we'd loast wir speed, nae breath wis left fur cursin'.

We aw' fell doon, an' looked aroon, Nae sicht, nae soon', nae' nothin'.

“But whit's that smell? Can you no' tell?

The Nidd Nokk's here, and thurstin'.”

Nidd Nokk, sliddery bawk, wur aulder noo and shrewder,

But when we walk along the bawk, still checkin' ow'r wur shooder?

Wis that a troot the Nith spat oot? A nightmares dark intruder?

A glowrin' stare that isnae there

That maks the noakin' looder?

Nidd Nokk, sliddery bawk, fae Enoch Hill tae Solway,

The Nithsdale sprite in daurk respite, lichts shadowed fears wi aw’ hae,

Nidd banks hau’d frames we aim tae flame, midsummer, warm ur caul’ day.

Tae Nidd Nokk turn, fae hid loch. Burns,

Connels doon the hallway.

Every youth within the Nith Valley gets the chance to use their imagination and their hands, designing a NOKK (river sprite) in local competitions. Each town and village choses a winner, each winner has their Nidd Nokk made "life size" of wicker or willow by an artist. These "NOKKS" are then taken to the Banks of Nith near their town/village and set alight: think Wickerman Festival but all along a river.

During the Summer Holidays youngsters can make willow rings which will form the body of the Nokk. The more rings, the bigger (louder) the Nokk.





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