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A few years ago I decided to set up a web site to show off some of the photos taken on my travels around Scotland. What started off as a gallery of sorts has now grown in to a more detailed look at Scotland: Scotland from the Roadside! (It is a work in progress so there are stull gaps, even after too many years working on it!)

A couple of years ago, in an attempt to make the above site more of a "journey around Scotland" I took out some of the factual information and created another site: Scot Sites! The intention of this latter site is to bring together the best of Scotland on the Internet. Quite a bold statement, but over time (and with some help from a lot of people) it might just achieve that aim!

One of the "features" of Scot Sites is the ebooks: a collection of out of copyright texts covering various Scottish subjects or by Scottish authors. A couple of these will probably be of interest to members here:




* Unfortunately the ebook itself is "incomplete" as it doesn't (yet) contain many of the actual poems or songs and ballads, but the lists are at least complete (as far as that particular book is concerned). Also, for those, like me, who are interested in following famous (or even infamous) tours around the country, the book contains Burns's comments of his"Tours" of the Borders and the Highlands in 1787!

Anyway, feel free to check out the above and any feedback is greatly appreciated!


Scotland from the Roadside... a journey Around Scotland!

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