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Malcolm Buchanan
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As in most countries that commemorate the life and work of Robert Burns, there are many Burns societies. Australia also has 8 statues of Robert Burns. The following is text from the December 2010 Newsletter of the Scottish Australian Heritage Council (SAHC).




Corangamite Shire, on Victoria's west coast, is home to the earliest Burns statue in Australia. Imported from Scotland, it was erected in the 1830's and is thought to be the oldest outdoor statue of Burns anywhere in the world, and the oldest full-body statue in a public place in Australia.


Although vandalised in 2009 it is now the subject of a local government restoration project that is a model for other governments. After an exhaustive search for the stone that the statue was sculpted from, negotiations have seen a disused quarry in Scotland reopened and a block of the unique Cowie sandstone extracted for use in the project.


The SAHC congratulates Corangamite Shire Council, which has launched a tax-deductible appeal for funds through the National Trustand, furthermore, unlike another government we could mention, has embarked on a public consultation process to determine where the public would like the statue to be displayed in the future. The final location will take into account future protection of the statue and a site that encourages the most number of people to enjoy it.


As far as we are able to determine, the Camperdown statue is one of eight Burns statues standing in public places in Australia. The others are in Sydney (outside the Art Gallery of New South Wales); Canberra (outside the eponymous Burns Centre in Forrest); Adelaide (outside the State Library of South Australia); Brisbane (in Centenary Place); Melbourne (in the Treasury Gardens); and in the cities of Bendigo and Ballarat in Victoria.

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